Centre for Economic Analysis

Monika Oczkowska

Monika Oczkowska works at CenEA as a research economist since March 2012. As the Polish Country Team Operator for the SHARE project, she is responsible for data management, questionnaire development and fieldwork coordination in each wave of SHARE in Poland. She’s also part of CenEA social exclusion project based on SHARE data. She takes part in work on microsimulation analysis of the Polish tax-benefit system with particular focus on the visualization of the results. She manages SHARE website for Poland together with CenEA website and facebook profile.

She received a MA degree in Economics, with specialization in financial analysis and business valuation i
n 2012 at the University of Szczecin. She holds BA degrees in Economics and International Relations both obtained at the University of Szczecin. Before CenEA she worked for a consulting company, where she was involved in projects on evaluating local enterprises.